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Work rant

Boss has been a total bitch all week... and today was only Tuesday. Yesterday was complaining that my shirt had too much skin showing (no it didn't) and that I wasn't wearing a nametag (half the staff don't wear them, and since I'm only there til the 19th they didn't get me one). Today, being a floater, I was supposed to be helping out in the preschool classrooms... that is, until the hellcat shows up and tells me "You don't get to be in this classroom anymore. Nice try."


*gets out Boss voodoo doll and immediately sets it on fire*

What the hell does she think I was trying to do? Was I hanging out by the book barn taking a smoke break? I don't smoke, but that's beside the point. Was I kicking back watching the other teachers work? Nope... I was cleaning frigging tables.

Bitch bitch bitch.

I was talking to Ms. V today... not the Ms. V of previous rants, but a different V. We'll call her Good Ms. V. I told Good Ms. V that this floater thing was for the birds, because no one knows where I'm supposed to be... and/or all TPTB at work want me in a different place. For example, Mr. J and I were told to set up nap mats today, hours before they're supposed to be out. Then the Hellcat, after admonishing me for cleaning tables, puts me to work carrying school supplies up to the 'Treasure Room' (aka Junk Room of Fire Hazard Proportions).

Now I know they can't exactly have Cosco-worthy stacks of paper and paints and whatnot laying around the office, but unlike half the people at this school I am considered a unit-carrying, college-educated qualified teacher. And now I'm the g-ddamn errand girl?

I don't have a problem being the errand girl, really. I have ten days left, nine if they give me the 13th off. It's that bitch's attitude that pisses me off. I mean, "Nice try". I say it again -- WTF??

*buries the voodoo doll's ashes*

If she gets on me for something again tomorrow, I will be so so tempted to just leave. I know it would be bad and unprofessional and... bad, especially since I would like (well, before this week I would have liked) to work here again. But, with the cockiness of the summer-only employee who has ten (or nine) days left, I can say that I don't appreciate being treated this way. I don't care if the Hellcat is the head honcho.

I already miss the days of summer school, when she was just around now and then, not butting in every five minutes telling people what they're doing wrong, smiling that fakey 'just in case a parent is watching I want to look friendly even when I'm bitching' smile of her's.

I guess if I felt forced to bail out early I could come up with a medical reason. Sorry, boss, you're bad for my health.
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wanna come to Florida?
Sounds like you've had a fun week... not.

I was going to tell you to demand they put your duties and schedule down in writing for you but if you're almost outta there anyway...

Actually, coming to Florida probably isn't a good idea if you wanted to do the paraprofessional thing... we're letting them go left and right to pay to reduce class sizes.

Is Hellcat the principal or a teacher? If you had a principal like mine I'd say barge into the office and rant for real but it sounds like that wouldn't do you much good where you are at.

Good luck for the next 10 days.

Re: wanna come to Florida?
Hellcat is the director... so, basically, the principal.

Thankfully I didn't see her at all today. Really brightened up my day. Also,I took Kelly's advice and asked straightaway in the morning where I was supposed to be. Had to do some uncomfortable manual labor, but at least I didn't get bitched at ;)
Just stick with it. This isn't the last time (unfortunately) that you will have a disagreeable boss. It's only ten (nine) more days. You can do it...and then you'll still be able to come back to work there if you want to. It's not worth it to burn all your bridges.