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Of fic awards and karma

OSer #1: "Lots of the fic had been put into the wrong categories. There was ship in the gen section and gen in the slash section -- for all I know there was slash in the ship section as I didn't bother reading that far."

OSer #2: "Yes, there was quite a lot of that this year. And some of the major winners in the gen category are definitely ship stories. I'm surprised the authors didn't tell the committee to move them to the correct category. Especially because at least one of the authors is *on* the committee. Then again, I know that some of the gen authors whose stories were incorrectly listed in the slash category *did* request that their stories be moved to the correct category and they were either denied or it didn't happen."

*breaks down into hysterical laughter*
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Re: Well.. it couldn't be that ship writers can write gen?
Oye.. Because someone writes more of one type of story they automatically become that type of writer all the time.

yep. around 10% of all my fic is bonafide ship, and half of that is sam/teal'c...and 'approved' pairing. but of course, once you venture into the dark side, you're tained for life.