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Crosspost from samandjack

Just so it isn't missed :)

It's time we set up an 'official' get-together for samandjack members at
GC03! We're thinking about brunch, around eleven a.m. on Thursday, at
one of the hotel resturants. If you're attending and you're interested,
please RSPV to me offlist.
Should be since there will be a two hour time difference for you. :) Should be a piece of cake to be awake at 11 Vancouver time.
.... lucky people who get to go to GC03 .... *mumbles something about a banana and a strategic location...*

Aussies Get Squat. That's What We Do Best.
Oh dear. If everyone ends up at The Thirsty Turtle, I suggest warning them of a large group several days in advance! Poor waitresses...
Oh no no no. We know better than that. We know why the turtle is thirsty too: it never gets any damn service! ;)
That sounds like fun! (says she replying almost a week later)

Thanks for posting it here, Alli... I'm on no-mail for samandjack at the moment