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Oh please

Had to say my own piece on this because... well, because otherwise I'll have to start doing my laundry.

Suz, no matter what any of the half-witted awards people say, you didn't 'ballot-stuff'. People who voted for Suz, neither did you. I know you guys don't need to hear this, but I was so amazed when I heard it that I needed to say it for my own sake. Incredible. Next year, there will no doubt be a rule that you must vote for a certain percentage of a category's applicants in order to not be considered a cheater. Either that, or it'll be a rule that says you're not allowed to vote for someone on the basis of name recognition, and if you're suspected of such a atrocity the said story will be disqualified.

Give me a f***ing break. Geine, sweetie, don't waste your time.
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Re: Okay.
Ballot stuffing on someone's behalf is not doing them a favour.

Ok. I'm curious, then, as to your definition of ballot-stuffing. Because I went and looked at the original entry on your LJ, and it came across to me that you think voting only for stories one likes in certain categories is one form of ballot-stuffing.

I didn't vote in every category in slash, but I do read a fair number of slash stories each year. Aside from a few pairings that aren't widely written (such as pairings with Jonas in them) I don't play in slash fandom, and I'm sure some folks would think I've never read slash in my life because I don't write it. Am I not fen-y enough to be voting, in that case?

What's next? We register fans with barcodes and say they can only vote in sections X, Y, or Z?

made a brief comment in my LJ. The people pushing this into the spotlight are those who have insisted on discussing it elsewhere. There are not may people who read my journal. But there are a *lot* who read this one.

You're the one who mentioned it in the first place. By now, you should be aware how things posted on the internet have a way of actually being read from time to time. I don't believe you're going to be able to take a pass from accepting responsibility on this one.