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Oh please

Had to say my own piece on this because... well, because otherwise I'll have to start doing my laundry.

Suz, no matter what any of the half-witted awards people say, you didn't 'ballot-stuff'. People who voted for Suz, neither did you. I know you guys don't need to hear this, but I was so amazed when I heard it that I needed to say it for my own sake. Incredible. Next year, there will no doubt be a rule that you must vote for a certain percentage of a category's applicants in order to not be considered a cheater. Either that, or it'll be a rule that says you're not allowed to vote for someone on the basis of name recognition, and if you're suspected of such a atrocity the said story will be disqualified.

Give me a f***ing break. Geine, sweetie, don't waste your time.
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Convenient isn't the word I'd use. For three years I've given up most of my spare time over the summer, and for damned little appreciation. Just bitching from people like you who have plenty to say about what we're doing wrong but when asked to put their money where their mouth is, chicken out.

You were given an opportunity to make your opinions count, Alli. I don't see why I should respect your love of finding fault with anything now.

And I don't believe I've ever demanded such respect. I posted my piece on my LJ (as you did on yours, remember?) and if you can't handle the 'bitching' or criticism, maybe you shouldn't be running the awards. All I know is that your comments in general are going to offend people and, by offending them, not make the remaining team members' jobs any easier when next year comes around.

As for giving up for free time for us ingrates, boohoo. I've spent my free time over the last three years doing various fandom-related projects, and I've yet to receieve cards and flowers for my efforts.

You are supposed to vote for the story you believe is the best in its category.

And if someone doesn't typically read Stargate slash but read Suz's because they like her work? They're not allowed to place a vote because they haven't made a carefully weighed and balanced decision? You have to be a card-carrying slasher to cast a vote in slash? Give me a break.

From elsewhere in the thread... Because I can't. Votes are confidential.

No, apparently voter's identities are confidential, but the votes themselves are not.