June 30th, 2014

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Remix fic: safety pin me to your chest so I can stay put (for telaryn)

Title: safety pin me to your chest so I can stay put
Author: allisnow
Remix Recipient: telaryn
Pairing(s): Clint/Natasha
Rating: Mild M for language
Warnings: I choose not to warn
Author's Note I: So, as remixes go, I'd say that this one is firmly in the "Read the Fic and Let the Plotbunnies Go Wild" camp. For the most part, I was inspired by the title of the fic and of Natasha having to work within SHIELD's constraints to rescue Clint. Having recently OD'ed on Agents of SHIELD, and rewatched Winter Soldier, I started thinking about how things might be different now -- the constraints don't exist, but neither do the resources. And that gave me the perfect excuse to write The Story of Where Clint Was During the Movie, Why Natasha Didn't Seem Especially Worried About Him, and Oh Yeah That Damned Necklace. Because go big or go home, am I right? I do feel kind of bad that this story doesn't reflect the source material more, but I'm hoping that my recipient - and all y'all - will enjoy it for what it is.
Author's Note II: This is essentially a crossover with Winter Soldier and Agents of SHIELD, with spoilers for the latter through the season one finale.
Author's Notes III-V: The POV/tense shifts are Dan Simmons' fault. The man is a crazy genius and I made the mistake of rereading his Hyperion Cantos this summer. It ate my brain. The title is from "Mended" by The Autumn Film. And thanks to madjm for the beta and my dear 'Becca' for letting me vent, brainstorm, and generally freak out.
Fic I've Chosen To Remix (please include link): Exercising Restraint
Summary: For a long time, Natasha's been expected to hold herself back. But with the fall of SHIELD, she's running out of reasons to keep acting like a good little agent.

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