November 16th, 2013

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Paging Dr. Freud.

Last night I had a dream where the Justice League (the main seven from the cartoon) were teaming up with the Avengers, and Loki was there too, sulking around, and he and Bats were having this weird passive-aggressive fight over Diana. The SG-1 team was there too, and Daniel got stabbed in the shoulder by an alien artifact while the others were trying to open a Stargate. Eventually they all ended up at my school in order to conscript a couple hundred of the kids to go to Russia and fight some bad guys, and the other teachers and parents were all perfectly okay with this. They all got on a couple buses and I was left behind, and it made me sad. Then one last bus pulled up driven by a guy named Baba, and I asked if there was room for one more, and he said there was. Then I woke up because one of the cats was trying to open a linen closet door and it kept banging against the frame.
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Cleaning the house while watching The Bourne Legacy. Hey, life could be worse, right?


Speaking of Renner, I saw somewhere that he's rumored for the next Mission Impossible and another Bourne movie as well. I'm excited, but damn, I hope he's put aside some time for Avengers 2!
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Writing question

What's a character in a fantasy setting that would be analogous to a robot or AI in a sci-fi setting? Does that question even make any sense? A kind of fantasy character who's seen as not really human, kind of less than human? Besides a fairy or something. I don't do fairies.