September 8th, 2013

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I don't know if I'm going to do NaNo this year. Part of me is like, yeah, you've won three years in a row now, keep it going; you're living in a new area, there might be a good regional group in the area and the other part of me is like but you haven't finished a single one of those stories, including the ridiculously long fic you did for NaNo12 and STILL HAVE NOT FINISHED A YEAR LATER. Besides, the CoCo NaNo group was fine, you just didn't click with any of them, and who's to say a new group would be any different?

Part of me wants to challenge myself to finish my fic in September/October and be able to focus on something original in November. Part of me wants to rewrite my NaNo10 story. Part of me wants to start working right now -- either on the rewrite, or on a new story idea I had a week ago based on a series of really weird dreams.

I guess I have time to work some of this out. A little, anyway. It's still frustrating.
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Watching a really dreadful horror movie with Sebastian Stan and Tom Felton. Why can't people in these movies have at least a teeny bit of common sense? 'Hey let's invite a freaky-deaky ghost out of wherever it is ghosts come from! What could possibly go wrong? And then, after a mysterious force starts killing houseplants and pets and whoooshing around the house, let's totally just sleep in a tent in the backyard! (Also, who the hell did the hair in this movie? Sebastian's bangs are going to give me worse nightmares than the ghosts.)

Oh, and the cliches... girl in the shower/walking around half-naked scene, escalating heartbeat sound effects, the creepy little kid... there must be a checklist or something. And it includes the "Everything's fine now but there's still twenty minutes of movie left so let's kill off some characters" 'twist'.

Did I mention the actors' vaguely pained expressions when looking at some supposedly spectacular visual effect? Hil-arious.
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