July 21st, 2013

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Rethinking my anti-hobbit prejudices

So, I finished reading The Return of the King last night. I also rewatched all three LOTR movies over the past week or so, and I discovered that I don't actually hate hobbits. I just really don't care for Elijah Wood as Frodo... the whining, the constant falling down and eyes rolling back in his head and being a jackass to Sam. Book!Frodo came across as a lot more capable and optimistic.

There were other things I preferred about the book(s), too. The Faramir/Eowyn stuff, for example... I wish they had put more of that in the movie. I wish they had made movie!Faramir more helpful and courteous, like book!Faramir, but I suppose they had to amp up the conflict. Oh, and at first I thought the last few chapters of RotK were going to be super-boring, but I actually loved the hobbits coming back to the shire being total BAMFS and taking their home back from the ruffians. Although the Saruman-Sharkey thing struck me as kind of silly.
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