May 26th, 2013

etc // first world fandom problem


*pained sigh* I composed part of what I think is a rather nice scene with Natasha and Tony whilst I was in the shower, and now I have no time to write it because I'm going out to buy mom stuff so she can make me an apple-bacon quiche and I just know that when I finally get time to do it, it just won't be as fresh (the scene, not the quiche. I expect the quiche will be delightful.)
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etc // first world fandom problem



So what's the deal with what I'm going to go ahead and call 'overwarning' with regards to fic? It used to be that you just had to put a rating on a story, and whether it was gen or slash or ship, and what pairing if there was one. But now... I don't know if it's the influence of AO3 or if they took it from somewhere else, but...

I understand warning for character death, I guess. Torture, I suppose. Graphic violence, maybe... but isn't that something that should be covered in the rating? I mean, if I go to a rated R movie (or watch a show on premium cable), I don't get to complain when folks get hacked up or there's naked people. When I go to read a fic and it's rated Mature, I don't need to be warned that there's violence and bad words or... gosh, what else have I seen warnings for. Racism. Bullying. 'Temporary' Character Death.

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