May 20th, 2013

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I'm reading OSC's Mithermages series - so far, The Lost Gate and now The Gate Thief - and rather enjoying it, after all that angst about finding something new to read. It's a teeny bit along the same lines as Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson et al universe in that "ancient gods are real" except... well, I want to say 'more complex' or 'less cartoonish' but that's not really fair to Riordan. But it's also a mix of fantasy and science fiction, kind of like the Pathfinder series, only modern day with lots of pop-culture references. So far various characters have mentioned How I Met Your Mother, The Good Wife and, naturally, Avengers, because one of the main characters/historical figures is Loki. (ETA: Also mentioned Twilight and LOTR.)

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On a related note, as I posted last night, I saw Star Trek: Into Darkness yesterday.

Something you have to understand is that my dad was a huge scifi fan growing up, so my brother and I kind of grew up on Star Trek. I was born in 82 and he was born in 86, so this mostly meant the movies and TNG. James really got into it more than me, to the point where I would wake up on non-school days, lie in bed and try to figure out, by listening, which movie he was watching. Because he was always watching them. And it was usually Wrath of Khan. So even though I didn't really become a Star Trek fan until Voyager came along, I was pretty well immersed in the earlier stuff. And I think because of that I was able to appreciate a lot of ST:Id's plays on the 'original' plot, the role reversals and whatnot... definitely a lot more than the average, non-Trek-versed viewer, at least.

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The new Outrageous Outrage on Tumblr seems to be that Benedict Cumberbatch is white.


(Warning: I'm assuming there will be Star Trek: Into Darkness spoilers in the comments. Or else just me screaming a lot.)