February 3rd, 2013

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So this morning I set out on a mission to drown my GLTAS woes and make some Lizzie Bennet icons. I specifically wanted some Lizzie and Darcy icons from the most recent episodes, because while I've found a couple sources of single-character icons, I wasn't able to find much with the two of them together.

Aaaaand I think I've figured out why. Because of how they frame things, it's damned hard to fit two people into a 100x100 icon without completely losing all resolution. And even then most of the icon is just negative space. Meh. I got a couple that I guess aren't horrible, which I'll eventually post. In the meantime, I'm just going to enjoy looking at this Darcy icon. Because REASONS.
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LBD, P&P, and self-promotion

So thanks to the Lizzie Bennet Diaries (so far I have introduced them to my mom and sis-in-law... next will be certain people at work) I've been having a lot of P&P feelings. So, um, for no other reason than that, I'm reposting my P&P (1995) music vid. The working title was Wow, Darcy sure stares at Lizzie a lot. Because he does.

I'm half-tempted to make a vid to that Taylor Swift song, I Knew You Were Trouble, with all of the cads of the Jane Austen universe. Wickham and Willoughby and Captain Tilney and maybe Frank Churchill even though that would mean watching Emma again (blech) and William Elliot and Henry Crawford...

By the way, what time of day do the new LBD videos typically get posted?