January 6th, 2013

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Urf. I'm going to need to totally restructure from Part 9 on. Not really in terms of the basic plot itself, but in terms of who knows and does and sees what in what order, and what to fill in through flashbacks.

*is irked*

ETA: Okay I may need to rework some of the plot, too.


Damn all of you characters that I need to keep track of!
movie // avengers // <3

*Headdesk*, revisited

So, somehow I managed to replot the stuff that wasn't working, and I'm actually a bit happier with it. I was able to eliminate some unnecessary travel, give Steve and Maria more screen time together, flesh out an original character more than in the original draft, and still keep the ending I wanted. Except, well, there's two side-stories that I'm pondering adding, but I'm afraid it might be too much. Eh. I'll worry about it when I get to the epilogue.

Work tomorrow. Sigh. At least I'll be able to do some more plotting during my commute...
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