November 23rd, 2012

etc // nanowrimo

Day 23

4,820 words written today. 3,747 left to go to reach the 50K mark. I think my eyes are about to fall out of my head.

How was everyone else's Friday?
movie // avengers // natasha


I just realized that I'm probably going to need a Brit beta for this monstrosity. Not for the whole thing, necessarily, because I've managed to keep the main action all in the US this time (yeah, I'm an insulated, xenophobic American; deal with it), but I do have a British character who becomes important in the back half of the story. And I don't want to unwittingly make her sound American, but I don't want to go the other way and drop in an excessive number of bloodys and brilliants and blimeys and whatnot. Not to mention I don't want to have her call things names that are not what she would call them. You know, pick-ups being lorries, etc.