November 20th, 2012

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Thanks to a nice, long shower (the Muse lives in the shower, you understand) I've been able to plot out the next 5 parts of the story. Including prologues this gives me a total, so far, of 74 chapters. I think WBP had 78. And I don't even have the climax or denouement yet. Those'll probably take at least one more shower.
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Good news everybody! Except for my water company...

I've been able to plot out the end of my NaNo fic (without resorting to another shower). And if it doesn't end up being at least close to 100K, I'll be very surprised. Yeeesh.

It will probably undergo some tweaks, but the broad strokes have been figured out, at least, and I can go from there. Also, I kind of gave myself some feels writing it. Outline feels! Who would have thunk?

Now if only would stop being so stupid...
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Conversations I have with myself.

Me: Hmm I should clean out my LiveJournal icons.

Why? You have like 25 free spaces left.

Me: Well yeah I know but there's a bunch here I haven't used in ages.


Me: Er...

You're just making more room for Jeremy Renner icons, aren't you?

Me: Shut up!
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