October 31st, 2012

etc // nanowrimo

NaNo countdown.

T-minus 2 hours and change until NaNoWriMo starts here on the west coast of the US.

I've pretty much abandoned any pretense of writing original fiction this year and am sticking with my plan to do a sequel to White Blank Page. (Working title Nothing is Written because hey, why not stick with the names of Mumford & Sons songs? Also it's kind of an ironic title for a NaNo story, if you think about it :D)

I have the first 3 chapters - probably 15,000 - 20,000 words worth, if the chapters end up being comparable to WBP - plotted out in Scrivener. I have new original characters, returning original characters, an expanded role for Maria Hill and hopefully for Tony, Bruce and Thor as well. I have a twist... it's not as good of a twist as the main one in WBP (I can say that since I basically lifted that twist from another book. It was an homage, I swear!) but I think it added some needed depth and mystery to the plot. I have plans for lots more backstory-establishing flashbacks. I'm excited and eager and pants-wetting-nervous at the same time.

The plan for the next couple of hours is to go reread WBP, to get back into the right tone, and also perhaps see if any new ideas come to mind. I also intend to drink at least a couple cups of coffee and maybe have a peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich.

Good plans!