August 6th, 2012

movie // avengers // hawkeye symbol

Just sign me up for the dorkhouse now

Actually, I'm serious. The dorkhouse would be awesome. We can watch scifi movies and squee about the Mars rover and drool all over tumblr but IRL.

*is homesick for the dorkhouse*

Anyway, LOOKIE WHAT I BOUGHT. Only in purple in the 'girly cut'.

Typically I don't buy fannish t-shirts because I have a thing about wearing people's faces on my chest, and that thing is that I don't like it and therefore avoid it. (Although I might make an exception for Renner, except then I'd probably just stare at my chest all day and that would make certain things, like driving and keeping my job, rather difficult.)

But this is perfect because it's cutesy and subtle and teeny!Tasha and teeny!Clint are next to each other! (Although it's a good thing teeny!Thor is in between teeny!Clint and teeny!Loki because as you can see the former is definitely armed.
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