August 5th, 2012

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31. Fall of a Kingdom (Farsala Book 1) by Hilari Bell
32. Rise of a Hero (Farsala Book 2) by Hilari Bell

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Forging the Sword (Farsala Book 3) by Hilari Bell

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[Conversations with fictional characters]Me: Hey I'm on page 99, getting near the epilogue!
Jane Foster: Hey.
Me: ...
Jane: I want to be in this scene.
Me: What? That doesn't make any sense. You haven't been in this fic at all and Thor's still on Asgard.
Jane: Yeah but you need Clint to have a conversation with someone in this scene.
Me: ...I was just going to use Steve.
Jane: Steve needs a break, don't you think?
Me: ... :\
Jane: ... :D
Me: ...if you invite Darcy into this scene, I will cut you.