August 1st, 2012

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Just wrote out three pages of dialog, longhand, for the Big Effing Reveal Scene. It's still a few scenes away, actually, but the words were in my head and I knew I had to get them down before the brain got distracted by breakfast or Olympics or possibly squirrels.
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch


So there's a fellow (or a couple fellows) dressed as Captain America who have been at US Olympic events to cheer on our atheletes. I saw him at women's volleyball vs China earlier.

Which then led to me wondering where the other Avengers were.

I think Tony is possibly watching boxing. Particular women's boxing. Because he's Tony.

Bruce... I dunno. Weight lifting? It depends on how much say the Other Guy has. "Hulk could lift that much with Hulk's little finger."

Thor, on a day pass from Asgard, enjoys watching fencing. Although all the protective gear has him a little perplexed. "How does one make his opponent bleed when they are swaddled like an infant?"

Natasha was definitely at the women's team gymnastics finals yesterday.

And Clint... you have to ask?

Of course, everyone just really wants to go to the Renner Olympics.
tv // lbd // shoulder touch

Writerly OCD.

Me: I should probably wrap up this scene and head to bed...

MS Word:


So look basically I just have issues and if I don't get to 50,000 words I'll never be able to sleep tonight

ETA: 50,059 at 11:45pm... JFC.

*gets weepy over own fanfic*

Okay time for bed. Cripes.
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