July 29th, 2012

movie // avengers // rope

A couple of things

1. If you're not into Avengers fandom/Clint&Natasha stuff, you can ignore the last three posts. Except... what's wrong with you?? XD

2. On a related note, I'm having more writing issues. I swear the next thing I write is going to be comprised solely of people sitting around talking and maybe sexytimes.

3. My aunt was over last night for my cousin's birthday party, and this happened, and it gave me a happy.

TV: Bourne Legacy commercial.

Aunt: "He was in The Hurt Locker."

Me: *silent giggles*

Aunt: "What's his name? Jeremy..."

Me: *trying not to look too excited about this conversation* "Renner."

Aunt: "Right. I like him."

movie // avengers // hawkeye


New layout because reasons.

The chibi!Avengers were adorable, but I love this piece by lettie. And, um, Olympics and archery and um... yeah. Right.

I just realized I have to work Thursday. Sigh.
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