July 18th, 2012

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Knock yourself out, Freud.

I had some seriously weird dreams last night.

I dreamed that I was watching some concert or awards show and a musician - I think maybe McCartney? - was playing the piano but Jeremy Renner was there too (yes, my first JR dream, I'm quite pleased about that) and he kept pantomiming playing as well and making this ridiculous expression that... well I can only describe it by saying that he looked like an adorable Muppet. And everyone was cracking up but McCartney or whoever was there didn't even seem to notice.

I dreamed that David Letterman had a storehouse full of crates and crates of different flavors of string cheese and I stole some of them and went out onto his set and threw a bunch to the audience, about a third who were dyed yellow from head to toe and I think were pretending to be the minions from Despicable Me.

I also dreamed that I was racing Glenn Close up the floors of a parking garage, only she was taking the elevator while I was running up the stairs, and the floors didn't seem to be numbered in any particular way. We both got to the 'right' floor at the same time but she ran right past what we were both trying to get to, which was a restaurant table where some parking spaces should be.

So... yeah.
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This will happen.

In a few weeks when I'm back at work:

M: What did you do during vacation?

J and S: We went to Las Vegas!

C: I went bike-riding along the coast!

K: I went to Romania and built houses for the downtrodden!

Me: I wrote fic and 'liked' every single picture of Jeremy Renner on tumblr.
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The morning spam

Last post for a while, I promise.

I just had to share.

So, my muse lives in the shower.

Once in a while she hangs out in my car, but she actually lives in the shower.

When I got into the shower this morning, I was angsting because I just started a chapter and I had no idea where I was going with it.

When I got out of the shower I had at least a vague outline of the next 6 chapters as well as a couple turns of phrase for the current one.

Obviously the muse was working all of this out last night while I was sleeping.

MLP icon because in my mind the muse looks a little like a mischievous pony.
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So for really formal occasions I know there's white tie and then black tie and then you get down to formal and informal and business dress and then I guess casual.

Where would you put, say, suits and cocktail dresses but no tuxes/evening gowns?
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