July 5th, 2012

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Well the massive smoochytimes scene that has obsessed me for the past few days (and which is probably going to end up being split into 2-3 separate scenes depending) is finally over :( That means I have to get back to thinking about, ya know, other characters and plot and stuff.

*has a sad*
tv // lbd // shoulder touch

Productivity levels dwindling...

What I've accomplished with regards to fic today:

1) Revised a couple chapters

2) Picked a name for a minor character

3) That is all


ETA: Okay. Back home. No distractions. In fact I've got a load of laundry going and I'm such a procrastinator that it actually counts as an anti-distraction.

*deep breath*

Okay one more Tumblr check first...

ETA2: Good God, travel times and time zones, thou art bitches. I've kind of been playing it fast and loose up to this point and kind of hoping no one will notice plus who knows how fast Quinjets fly (well some nerd does) and trying to factor that in UGH I CAN'T EVEN. But I'm this close to making some kind of insane time-zone tracking timeline for my fic that will KILL MY SOUL SOMEONE STOP ME.

Okay I'm going to go watch The Unusuals and calm the freak down.

ETA3: Pickles... PICKLES!
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