July 4th, 2012

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Oh, naturally, the longest scene in this whole damn fic is of course going to be the flashback sexysmoochytimes scene. Honest to God, I think it's already twice as long as any other scene.

(Seriously, it's kind of embarrassing, after all this stressing over plot, to have this become the freaking focal point.)

*frustrated flailing*

I guess I could break it up into multiple chapters, but I hate to lose, er, momentum.

Collapse )

Holy crap it's almost 4am I need to go to bed.

ETA: Bed? Wuzzat?

“You look better,” she tells him.

“I do?” asks Clint. “’Cause I feel like death warmed over, to be honest.”

Her lips curve into another smile, this one holding the promise of mischief. “Well, you do look like death warmed over, but earlier you looked like room-temperature death, so this is actually an improvement.”
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Sitting poolside with the dogs, listening to my fanmixes (and idiots - hopefully - blowing themselves up with illegal fireworks) and writing fic and eating froyo.

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