July 1st, 2012

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Makes perfect sense.

I finally got the case for my Acer tablet, but it's so blank and boring and blah.

So I went on ebay and put in a bid on some Avengers stickers.

It's the sensible thing to do.

ETA: Also, for some reason...

Using my tablet with just my fingers = I'm from the future


Using my tablet with a stylus = I'm A DOCTOR IN THE FUTURE.

I can't quite explain it.
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Language help

Hey, anyone out there speak French? Is there anything comparable to the idiom 'keep your eyes on the road'?

Clint could say it in English, but I think it would sound sexier in French ;)
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When good cats go bad

My cat Hermie is apparently working for Loki. Look what he did to my poor Hawkeye toy!

*goes to rescue Clint from having his head gnawed on*

Oh golly, look how little and innocent he used to be:

movie // avengers // master assassin

Fic help!

I need some mellow music that Natasha would choose to listen to that Clint would enjoy as well. Any ideas?
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I apologize in advance for the capslock.

15,363 words. BOOYAH.

Snippet time. FLASHBACK! *does jazz hands*
They check into their hotel suite a little after noon. The place is ridiculously large, and everywhere he looks he sees designer furniture, shimmering cloth, shining surfaces: glass, brass, marble and tile. The walls are bright and white and shining, topped by crown molding, accented by opulent drapes. Fresh flowers bloom on side tables below framed art that looks like it belongs in a museum instead of a neighborhood garage sale. Clint has seen places like this before, but usually only from across the street or through a skylight.

Natasha is less fazed, of course; she glances around, checks the windows and doors and, because after all this was Stark’s idea, they do a quick sweep for surveillance devices. Nothing comes up. “Clint, go get some sleep,” she tells him the third time she catches him yawning, and he’s surprised to discover that for the first time since this all started he wants to sleep, thinks maybe he even can sleep. When she adds, gently, “I’m not going anywhere,” he’s suddenly so exhausted that it’s all he can do to drag himself to the nearest bedroom, kick off his boots, and collapse face-first atop the lilac-scented sheets.

Yeah, not the most exciting snippet I've ever posted, but hey. Boyfriend needed a nap. He's going to need his energy later, for... other things.

*sigh* I can't believe I'm going to be in a work meeting for who knows how long tomorrow when what I really want to do is come home and write Avengers sexytimes. ALAS.
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