June 28th, 2012

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Fic snippet

Woot woot.

Several agents and ship’s staff are loitering in the hallway, staring or trying not to stare, as Clint leaves Fury’s office, and he realizes that they must have been louder than he’d thought.

After a moment Rogers comes jogging after him. “Did you just get fired?”

Clint wants to laugh. He has to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all: at the last three weeks, at the way people move away from him instinctively as he hurries down the hall, at the inanity of the captain’s question. But he’s afraid if he starts to laugh he won’t be able to stop, and that won’t help Natasha.

“Come on,” he tells Rogers. “You heard Fury. Ten minutes.”

Frankly, there's way too much talking going on in this fic and not enough sexytimes. Sigh.
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Argh. I need to bounce some story ideas off somebody... but I have the sinking feeling that everyone is, you know, working on a Thursday morning/afternoon...

Okay, just in case people come across this post and can help... Collapse )
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OMG someone help me Tony Stark's snarkery is trying to take over this fic! *points to icon because the Snark Lasers look exactly like that*

Collapse )

BTW, we're up to just over 6,000 words and ESSENTIALLY NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. *facedesks*
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There comes a point after 8 hours of fic writing/researching...

... that you start feeling a little like the guy in my icon.

This fic has gotten complicated enough that I'm moving the party from MS Word to Scrivener, which is normally reserved for the madness that is NaNoWriMo.

As an aside? Scrivener? Awesome. And that's coming from someone who hardly ever buys software.

*hides under pile of washed-dryed-but-not-yet-folded-laundry*
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