June 12th, 2012

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I blame the peanut gallery.

Argh it's midnight, how is it midnight already?

I think the first draft of my companion fic is done - working title: Out is Through - but I want to sit on it for another day or so. Even though this fic and Arrow, Discarded compliment each other, they're also different stories that have to be told in different ways. As I think I wrote in another thread, Natasha is a less-linear narrator than Clint, and while she's more talkative, I know her well enough to know that I can't always trust what she's saying.

(And Loki's all, shit, you don't have to tell me that.)

(And yes I'm talking about these characters like they're real now. Stop judging me!)

Since the narrative is more fragmented it's also more important to weave in those word-linkages and repeating phrases or themes, which is something that's only going to come with a little fiddling. Then I shall send it off to madjm for some betaing - if that's all right with you, dear, and it'd better be because I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to blame you for at least part of this. Say... 12%.
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I'm pondering getting a tablet. Anybody have any recommendations, either pro or con? I like my Samsung laptop and smartphone so I've been looking at their stuff...

ETA: Oh, and I really wouldn't want to spend much more than $300 or so.
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