October 1st, 2011

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(Gratuitous layout post!)

I have a new layout celebrating my luuuurve of Fringe... based off a layout by brutal with a new header and color scheme and a couple style tweaks.
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Name help!

Okay, I've been turning my brain inside out on this one for ages, and I need help.

In the story I'm killing myself with working on - last year's NaNo, actually - there's a reclusive female monarch who has an all-female cadre of bodyguards. This group features prominently in the story and I can't just call them 'the female bodyguards' so I need a name. As a placeholder last November I just called them "Guardians", but that's so pedantic and uninspired that I kind of feel ill whenever I type it.

I've been organizing other bodyguard organization to try and spark an idea. The closest I've come is the Indian National Security Guard which is also known as the 'Black Cats'.

So, anyone struck with the idea for a name? If it helps, the story is a fantasy and the setting is quasi-turn-of-the-20th-century.
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