July 9th, 2011

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- First, the big news: I got my rehire letter! Pending the state of California falling into the Pacific Ocean, have a job next year! This also means I can make some extra money by going to a 5-day training in early August, which will be great :)

- I had a bad dream last night... I won't go into details. But the weird thing is that the first part I remembered when I woke up is that in this dream people had flying cars. I'm thinking too much Harry Potter.

- Along those same lines, I've watched the first four Harry Potter movies over the past week or so, to prepare my brain for DH pt 2 on the morning of the 15th. I was originally going to reread all the books, but some are packed away with my school things. Besides, I've come to the decision that the movies are more enjoyable if I remember fewer particulars about the books. So I'm living in movieverse for the next few days and that's that.

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Also, seeing as how I just watched GoF... Hee.
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