May 30th, 2011

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Work rambling.

We still have a week of school left, but my last day with my 4th grade pull-out group is tomorrow. We're going to finish our writing assessment, clean out our desks, then eat some snacks, watch Matilda, and have a raffle if there's time. Should be relatively painless once we get past the writing, and since I can hold the fun stuff over their heads if they don't finish...

This is my 3rd year in this position and while I do enjoy the, um, variety, I won't be too sad to see most of these kids move on to 5th grade. It was a difficult group... the 15 lowest 4th graders - 12 of them boys - 5 of them some variety of Special Ed - several of them with moderate to severe behavior problems - half with parents who don't speak much or any English - one who speaks little to no English himself, Whenever I feel guilty for having a child-light last week, thinking of the other teachers who still have their kids for 6 more days, I run through that litany in my mind.

Not that it was all bad. I had a fantastic group of 3rd graders for half an hour a day - basically the advanced kids - working on enrichment activities, writing, novel studies, etc. I also had some very sweet kindergarteners and some, ah, spirited 2nd graders :)

My guess is that the rest of the school year, after tomorrow, is going to be spent doing assessments, finishing starting report cards, and doing the technology stuff that I haven't had a chance to get to for months, like installing computers and cataloging who has what tech. Fun times!