April 21st, 2011

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Just sayin'

Gotta say I'm not in a huge rush to catch tonight's episode of Bones. Firstly, I'm not big on the spin-off/using one show to pilot another thing. Secondly, if that's what you're gonna do, maybe spinning off a show that's been suffering a bit in the ratings isn't such a brilliant idea. (Thirdly, Sel's home and we're gonna watch Fringe.) I don't find the idea of this 'Finder' show particularly thematically interesting, but I'm even less inclined to give a damn about a producer's second show if I'm not currently impressed with his handling of the first. It's like how I refused to watch Lost when it started because at the time I was mad at JJ about Alias. (Obviously I got over that, hence the icon and the whole Fringe obsession thing, but I'm still perfectly okay with having missed all that Lost drama.)
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