April 8th, 2011

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North and South (no, not the Patrick Swayze one)

Watched North and South (the 2004 BBC miniseries) with Mom today, and I quite enjoyed it :) I had watched the first half on Netflix out of boredom, but then it struck me that it was something mom might enjoy too. I'm about 1/4 way through the book as well and it's interesting to compare some of the differences... I'm looking forward to getting further in.

Anyway, the miniseries was very well directed and paced, although several things were obviously altered to make Margaret and Thornton's meeting more dramatic. The score was simple but catchy. And Richard Armitage is just ridiculously hot. Roaw. (And apparently he's playing a bad guy in the Captain America movie.) On a more technical note, it didn't have that visual weirdness that so much from the UK has, which is due to the frames-per-second standard or some such? Anyway, it's what makes most of what's on BBC America look like it was filmed ala a soap opera.

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... And did I mention Richard Armitage is hot? He's going to be in The Hobbit too. Not that I'm becoming his imdb-stalker or anything.