March 3rd, 2011

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What a crappy day. Sigh.

In a nutshell:

- Overslept by about an hour. 'Luckily' I always get to work pretty early so I had a cushion, but...
- Got shampoo in my eyes in the shower
- Skipped breakfast
- Almost got sideswiped on the freeway
- Got to work expecting to have a sub so I could install a bunch of computers. Hurried to get my sub plans done, only to be told 10 minutes before school started that my sub was needed somewhere else (???). Had to shift gears and get ready to teach.
- Was told that my PITA Nightmare student who has been spending most of his time 'helping' in a 2nd grade room has pissed off that 2nd grade teacher and now I'll be having him full time again. Cripes.
- Had not packed a lunch because I'd planned to go get something between computer installations. Ended up not having time so basically no lunch.
- Had a coworker complain (albeit in a nice way) about an issue related to something I do, which made me feel guilty and then that made me mad because this job I've been doing is barely even in my job description, it's 1-2 hours a week extra work that I don't even get paid for, and I teach about 80 students a day with hardly any break, so get off my case.

The good part, I guess:

- Woke up in time to get to work
- Traffic was OK.
- Did NOT get sideswiped
- Kids were pretty good
- Another coworker gave me a diet Pepsi and a nectarine so I wouldn't starve
- Eating food my mommy made, and drinking a rum and coke.
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