April 4th, 2010

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All those hours of HGTV may have paid off

So, I did some painting this weekend. Mom and Shelby helped too. For those who haven't been to my place (which is, well, most of you), here's the color of the living room when I moved in over a year ago:

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It's actually kind of funny looking at that picture. Even before painting, I had changed the armchair (gave it away, replaced with a smaller gray-purplish chair), the vertical blinds (*shudder*), got rid of the rug (it was shedding constantly), replaced the clock (it melted; don't ask)...

Now that it's painted - and I would post new pictures but I left my camera at school over the break... whoops - the walls are a creamy light beige (Malted Milk) except for the wall to the left in the above picture, where the fireplace and slider are... that's a nice medium chocolate brown (Moose Antler -- who comes up with these names??). I didn't HATE the blue - once upon a time my bedroom was about that color) but the browns just make it so much brighter and cozier. The trim is white (Alabaster... that makes sense at least) and I'm focusing on accents that are purple and/or green.

Oh and I bought a mirror to go on the wall over the TV, and it's so purdy!
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