March 13th, 2010

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Came home today, had a quick snack, and fell asleep. Until about 10pm, when dad called.

It's been a loooooong week. And Thursday in particular was epically long. I think the only reason I got through today with my sanity in tact was because two of my three pull-out groups was cancelled, and in the one group I did have, the boy I will only refer to as Satan's Child was absent. Yippee.

Of course, once I was awake I was hungry, so I made an abbreviated breakfast for dinner (eggs, waffles, juice and decaf coffee) and watched some TV.

Tomorrow the plan is to do some laundry, hit Target, color my hair (I did the roots not too long ago, but I'm bored with medium brown and decided to celebrate the pink slip I received today by going back to some shade or other of red. If I can find my camera, maybe I'll take a pic!), tidy up the kitchen, and... I'm thinking about going to see Alice in Wonderland. I was never a huge fan of the Disney 'toon, and I remember as a kid having the crap scared out of me by the Jabberwocky in the 80's version of Alice -- although, watching it now, it's pretty hysterical. (I have this big head, and these tiny arms!) However, something about it in the commercials seems appealing. Anyone who's seen it have thoughts?

P.S. Gavin DeGraw is on Red Eye and will apparently be performing soon on... Fox Business Network. He's officially OK ;)
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