February 4th, 2010

tv // lbd // shoulder touch

A general thought regarding tonight's episode of Fringe

I've never watched Lost, but I was/am a big fan of JJ's first show, Alias. It had its rough patches and there were times I wanted to smack TPTB upside the head, but in the end he made good on his promises, ship-wise.

However, he pretty much put the characters through hell first. And the fans, to an extent. Not the Joss Whedon kind of hell -- Alli doesn't take that drug anymore -- but the "Oooh you like that, don't you? Isn't it pretty and shiny? Go ahead and admire it and-- HA! JUST KIDDING! I'm going to run away with my shiny pretty wheeeee!"

This post made sense when I first contemplated it.