January 24th, 2010

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Note to authors

Here's a friendly piece of advice --

Unless you're trying to annoy your readers, you probably shouldn't spend the first third of a novel building up the UST between two characters, only to have the female main character MARRY SOMEONE ELSE HALFWAY THROUGH especially when YOUR READER HAS NO REASON TO GIVE A DAMN ABOUT SAID OTHER PERSON.

I mean, think about it. If midway through Pride & Prejudice, Lizzie forgot all about Darcy and married some guy named Bob, would we will be talking about it all these years later? I THINK NOT.

Oh wait, I have bonus advice!

Writing 2/3 of the book in third person and 1/3 in first? Lame, man, really lame.
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writing. and burrito monsters.

Writing-wise I've been in a very weird place lately.

I've gone through several different phases in my 'writing career', which basically started in high school after I discovered fanfiction (first in the form of Star Trek: Voyager =/\= : The Happy Face Generation. Side note: since geocities' death, I don't know if this fantastic series is still archived anywhere. Which omg is so sad. If anyone can find it for me, I will get you so many lizards!**).

Anyway, I went from being entranced by fic but figuring I could never write any myself, to writing it but never finishing it (which, considering what Mary Sue teenybopper crap my first few X-Files plot bunnies were, is a good thing) to writing it and finishing it - thank you, SG-1 fandom - and realizing I didn't completely suck, to branching out ever so slightly into other fandoms but figuring I could never write original fic... and now I'm at the point where I pretty much have this fanfic thing down and have made inroads into orginal fic but never actually finished any yet.

Off the top of my head I have four general original fic plot bunnies all in varying states of being gnawed on -- the one with Gil that has gone through 50,000 different permutations and that I've started at least 2 dozen times... the dystopian future one with the angel... my failed 2009 NaNo with the parallel words and the vague Cinderella and Jane Austen influences... and most recently one that was literally inspired by a dream I had and doesn't actually have a plot yet, just a random assortment of characters.

At some point I need to sit down and get all of the notes for all of these various bunnies in one place, so they're there when I'm ready for them.


... I wonder if I can find the one with the extra-ensign-eating-burrito monster. Hm... should probably do it tomorrow...