November 14th, 2009

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SGU: Time

Okay, I don't know if anyone will defriend me for daring to say this, but... I'm watching last night's SGU, Time, and it was actually pretty amazing.
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Today's to-do list

- Change sheets (flannel this time... brr!)
- Start laundry
- Clean out fridge
- Kill this stupid PMS headache

Also, set pics from S8 of 24... and Renee!

There's more at spoilertv.

ETA: Fridge cleaned. Flannel sheets on (ahhh so nice and soft). Quilt and blanket in the dryer. Headache still in a pain in the ass. :(
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Well, did my good deed for the day (week? month?). Went out to get the mail and in the driveway a couple doors down was a car with its parking/tail lights on. Knew an older couple lived down there so I went over (took my keychain with the mace, of course, just in case the old guy was some devious psychopath) and let them know. I'm not sure how much English the old guy speaks but he understood 'car' at least.

So, I saved someone a dead battery in the morning. Go me.
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