November 6th, 2009

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Obama says that we shouldn't 'jump to conclusions' about the motivation of the Ft. Hood killer. Thanks for that tip, Mr. "Acted Stupidly". Oy vey.
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woe is me

So, I've spent the last week and a half now in various stages of 'sick'. And I don't mean a cold... a cold I can handle. No, it wasn't swine flu either. It was a sinus infection complete with a 100F+ fever that lasted until I got antibiotics, and has now settled down and maybe a happy home in my lungs. The doc had prescribed me some kick-ass cough syrup along with the antib, but the problem is that it's a little too kick ass. It's got codine, so it makes me loopy - unable to drive to work, or work once I get there - and it also makes me sick to my stomach, so I can only take it after eating a largish meal. So, since taking it the prescribed four times a day isn't a possibility, I went back to the doc this morning and he gave me a albuterol inhaler and a course of Cipro. The albuterol makes me jitty, but I can deal.

The worst thing is that after basically a week of being in a fog, I feel completely behind on everything. Behind like 5.000 on NaNo... I swear, every year I sign up for NaNo I get sick in the first half of the month. It's like a curse. And it's not that I'm incapable of writing whilst hacking up a lung... is that the sickness provides the perfect excuse for putting off the writing. Take right now, for example. It's 11pm and I'm so tired and I'm thinking, 'I need to write a couple hundred words at least'. But then evil Alli says, 'but you're sick, you need your sleep!' And evil Alli does have a point, even if she is evil. Plus I have chores to do this weekend, and report cards to finish before Monday. Blech.

Random shout-out to SGU tonight for the totally gratuitous and nerdy Futurama reference.

Looks like there's a NaNo write-in tomorrow in Concord. Maybe I'll be able to get enough crap done tomorrow that I can go.
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