September 15th, 2009

etc // forgotten fairytale


For the first time this summer, I'm working a bit on my original fic. I stalled on it around May and have been too nervous to open it back up. I think the problem is that I feel like I have a really good story to tell here and I don't want to mess it up. I've restarted it over and over again trying to bust through the wall with no real luck.

I was reading over my most recent draft and thought that it didn't sound too bad, except that it's a bit still, a bit staid. And one of my biggest pet peeves while reading is when an author uses grand language that is pretentious and over the top (I'm looking at you, Guy Gavriel Kay). So I'm rewriting the first five pages or so in first person, rather than third, and trying for a lighter, more personable tone. We'll just see how it goes.
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