August 18th, 2009

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Backyard pictures

Okay so I posted a link yesterday so people could see what my backyard looks like. I figured I would post some in-progress shots.

Here's what it looked like when I moved in:

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So I went in and pulled up on the weeds so it was just dirt. Then a few weeks ago, Dad and I started on the patio. Basically it involved laying down a gravel base and putting 42 1-by-1 foot pavers juuuuust right. Then he built a frame around it to lock it in place and I'm filling in the seams with sand. Here's what it looked like yesterday:

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SO... today I went out to Lowes and spent about $200 on rock, flower pots (and a few other things for my balcony) etc. So here's how the backyard looks now:

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The right ride of the yard doesn't really look any different but here's what I'm planning.

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