July 21st, 2009

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Way to take one for the team, Jupiter

Jupiter Struck by Object, NASA Images Confirm

I know it's dumb, but stories like this always make me a little anxious. Not because I'm envisioning a SyFy Movie of the Week scenario where the force of the impact sets Jupiter on a collision course with Earth - and NO, Bonnie Hammer Dave Howe, you may NOT use that - but because I think it's just kinda unnerving to remember that there's all types of crap floating around in space and randomly impacting defenseless planets. And that's not even counting the aliens.
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A sniffing substance?

Man Tasered After Sniffing Gas Bursts into Flames

SYDNEY — A man whose relatives say had been sniffing gasoline burst into flames after a police officer Tasered him as he ran at officials carrying a container of fuel, police said Tuesday.

The man, identified by his family as 36-year-old Ronald Mitchell, was in critical condition at a Perth hospital in Western Australia state following Monday's incident in Warburton, an Aboriginal community 950 miles northeast of Perth.

Western Australia police said they were responding to a complaint at a house when Mitchell ran outside the house carrying a cigarette lighter and a large plastic bottle containing what they believe was fuel. When he refused to stop running toward them, one officer Tasered him, police said in a media release.

The man was immediately engulfed in flames. The officer threw him to the ground and smothered the blaze with his hands, the statement said. Mitchell was charged with assault to prevent arrest and possession of a sniffing substance.

An 18-year-old woman threw rocks at the officer as he tried to help, and he was later treated for a cut on his head and burns to his hands, police said.

The woman was charged with two counts of assaulting an officer, police Sgt. Graham Clifford said. Two others at the house were charged with possessing a sniffing substance.

Mitchell's sister, Morinda West, told The Australian newspaper that her brother had been sniffing gasoline and that when he ran out of the house he was carrying a lighter and an orange juice container full of gasoline.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said Mitchell appeared to have received third-degree burns to about ten percent of his body.

The officer who Tasered Mitchell was not suspended, Clifford said.

Kudos to the Australian cops. Although in retrospect it would have been better to just shoot him ;)
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The big question

I saw this question posted on another community and I thought I would open it up here. Because I'm bored :D

Here's the question: Does anyone in this forum have any concrete answers as to how to 'fix' the USA?

I'm interested to see how the answers might differ :)

Play nice.
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