July 14th, 2009

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Ed at HotAir quotes from Sarah Palin's WaPo editorial on the subject, but I think Ed is pretty quotable himself:
We need to make all of this clear. Cap-and-trade rations energy production, which means there will be less of it for a long time. Alternatives are not ready for the kind of mass production that would allow a complete replacement of energy, and probably won’t be for decades, if ever in some cases (notably wind power, as GreenChoice showed and as T. Boone Pickens finally realized). That means a lower standard of living that will impact America regressively, with the lowest income earners getting hit the hardest. The drain on the economy from high energy prices means less jobs and higher retail prices for goods and services, again a regressive consequence of energy rationing.

Obama and his Utopian allies promise that government will help close the gap by offering more services to the unemployed and the poor at the expense of the “rich”. What will that do? It will further handicap the economy by keeping capital out of the markets. Even worse, it will vastly expand the dependent class in America who have to go on the dole to survive. And many of those ardent liberals will be pretty happy with that outcome, too.
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*impatiently watches the All-Star Game Red Carpet show in search of Timmy and Matt*

I think this is why I don't care for the ASG: I'm a Giants fan first and a baseball fan second. I really don't give a flying **** about anybody else, and I'm easily offended when I feel like my guys are being glossed over. So far the only representative of my team that I've seen is our mascot. Granted, he's the coolest mascot there, but that's not really the point.

(Ugh, I'm so tired of Jeter.)
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