May 14th, 2009

tv // lbd // shoulder touch


I'm watching the NASA channel (you can see it here on nasatv); two of the astronauts are outside on the first spacewalk, trying to replace one of the Hubble's cameras. They're having trouble getting the old one loose, which sucks; they're having to try some different things. Problem solving in space! But the video is just so clear and it's amazing to think that there are actually two human beings floating around almost 350 miles above Earth. And they're fighting with a stupid wrench!

I should be leaving for work, but I keep watching because, dammit, I want to see if they triumph over the slipping wrench!

ETA: Ooh they're cleared to use BRUTE FORCE.

ETA: Yay they think they got it!


Mission control: Yay, we're so glad elbow grease worked. Now put the torque limiter back on.

Astronaut: Are you sure? I think I could just, you know, keep going.

MC: Yeaaaah we're glad you think that, but you need to put the limiter back on, cause it would suck if after all that you broke it.

A: Oh fine, be that way.

(paraphrased, obviously)