May 1st, 2009

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liberal hypocrisy

And along the same lines, from Greg Gutfield:

So, it's official: Barack Obama is a bigot.

In a brave stance not seen since the beginning of time, a number of celebrities, journalists and bloggers have called President Obama out on his ignorant, narrow-minded views toward gay marriage.

First, it was renegade blogger Perez Hilton who, after noting Obama`s Christian beliefs, called our President a "stupid bitch." Shortly after that, pageant judge Alicia Jacobs rose up and said she would not have voted for Obama because of his intolerant and freakish views. Meanwhile, outspoken blogs like Queerty and Gawker have started using the b-word against Barack, calling him an out and out bigot. And then – out of nowhere – the Miss California USA pageant has urged Obama to apologize to the gay community! Finally - in possibly the bravest action of all, hard-hitting E News anchor Guliana Rancic tweeted that President Obama is an ignorant disgrace.

This is amazing stuff, people. By coming out against the President over his negative views on gay marriage, these folks are putting their livelihoods at risk.

Okay, they really haven`t actually said Obama by name. Instead, they focused their wrath on Carrie Prejean, the Miss USA contestant who views about gay marriage are entirely the same as President Obama`s. But if Prejean is a bigot for her views, and Obama holds the same views, then clearly Obama is a bigot too.

If A = B, and B = C, then A= C. I learned that when I was ten.

Of course, you won`t hear any of this from those brave voices I mentioned above. I guess views about gay marriage matter if you`re in a beauty pageant, but not if you`re in the White House. Or maybe these folks hold different standards for blonde girls than they do for black dudes.

Meaning, they lower the bar for Obama. Which you could call racist. After all, lowering expectations for someone because of who they are really is the definition of bigotry.

But I prefer not to think that way. Fact is, people like Rancic, Jacobs and Perez are heroes. They know how much tougher it is to beat up on a white Christian chick, than go after the most popular president since Morgan Freeman in "Deep Impact."

For that they deserve a pie of some kind.