February 14th, 2009

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Hurray for a long weekend.

Today's List of Things to Do

  • Laundry (shirts, pants, whites, towels)

  • Vacuum

  • Run down to the store for some milk and fake eggs (I have sworn off eggs because of high cholesterol. I miss them, though)

  • I wonder how much some Pledge Wipes would be.

  • Go to the pet store and get some more goldfish. (One of mine died and the remaining two look lonely in the big 10 gallon tank.)

  • Oh I should probably look into getting more cat food while I"m there.

  • General tidying up and de-cluttering.

Tomorrow I'll go over to the folks' house in the morning for Daytona, and in the afternoon Shelby and I are going to go see Coraline and then go to Rubio's for dinner.

Monday I'm thinking I'll just sleep ;)
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