January 3rd, 2009

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Club100 - Day 2 (1/2)

So I'm taking an online novel-writing class that may or may not be helpful... we'll see. But our first assignment was to write a blurb intro to our story idea (such as it is) in between 50-100 words. My brain is still in blurb-writing mode, so I decided to hop over to the Speculative Fiction Muse generator and turn some of their generated ideas into blurbs. I highly doubt any of these will ever turn into real stories, but I had fun blurbing them.

#1: The story's protagonist is female and a repairman. A gun plays a significant part in the story. The story is set on a flight in the future. The story is about doubt.

Blurb: Jenka Freeman is a maintenance worker on the galactic tourer Heyward. She is happy with her job of finding things that are wrong and making them right again. But during a routine service check at the far end of the galaxy, Jenka finds a gun - an archaic weapon from a distant time - hidden on board. Then several passengers are found dead... shot through the heart. When suspicion falls on Jenka, she must use everything she knows about the Heyward's inner workings to clear her name and save the crew from a cold-blooded killer.

#2: The story's protagonist is male and a cleaner. A note plays a significant part in the story. The story is set on a farm in the industrial age. The story is about damnation.

Blurb: In the future, abuse of time-travel technology leads to the existence of cleaners, who go back and 'clean up' the mess careless travelers have left behind. On his assignment during a particularly filthy time in human history, Cleave Harris finds that the only temporal anomaly in sight is a note left by... him. Or, rather, a version of him that does not yet exist. Aware of the severe punishments for timeline tampering, Harris must discover the origin of the note before the primitive inhabitants of ancient Earth learn his secret.

#3: The story's protagonist is male and a diplomat. A suitcase plays a significant part in the story. The story is set on a beach in the industrial age*. The story is about discovery.

Blurb: Arlen Meek's promotion - ambassador to the Diamond Islands - is abrupt: his predecessor was found dead on one of Diamond's famous beaches. Arlen is thrilled with his sudden relocation until it becomes apparent that his boss was murdered. When a locked suitcase arrives is the mail several days later, Arlen realizes that now he is the one in danger, because he is now in possession of damaging information on one of Diamond's wealthiest citizens. He is in a race against time to open to suitcase and learn the secrets that may cost him his life.

A bit melodramatic, but apparently that's what I'm in the mood for these days!

* Okay so I ignored the Industrial Age part. Or maybe... it's an Industrial Age in the FUTURE! Oooh...
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