November 5th, 2008

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snagged from conservativism

Dear Obama Supporters:

Congratulations on your victory. It was a long campaign and while I am not pleased with the result I am glad to see that the system again worked as it has countless times in the past. Our nation will continue to move forward, but there are are few brief topics that I felt I should address before the hysteria over this monumental election impedes our better judgment as a nation.

Please stop echoing Obama's message about how we are One. I don't buy it when he says it and I buy it even less than that when you say it. We are a nation that is divided in many ways and will continue to be divided and this is a good thing. Our divided nature keeps us from blindly accepting change at a reckless pace. It forces us to compromise as a people and find common ground while still maintaining our unique identities. The most damning thing to freedom is a nation that is United in one mind and body. Our credo is "e pluribus unum" - out of many one; it is not "e unum unum."

Also, please stop throwing around the notion that Obama has an overwhelming mandate from the masses. While his electoral victory was impressive and his popular vote lead was also solid it was by no means what Reagan experienced in 1980 and again in 1984, or even the "mandate" Bush Senior had in 1988. Obama won a close race that people up into the last weeks though would be close, and in several states it was very close. And while we are putting away the talk about this non-existent mandate can we also put away the racist hatred that many Obama supports feel towards non-supporters? I would really prefer if I could go through the next four years without someone telling me how I am a racist for not liking Obama or how our country is racist and strives at every corner to keep the black man down. After this victory there is no more wind for those sails, because had there been some vast White Conspiracy then you can rest assured Obama would not have been elected. This election should definitively prove to you what I already know - the system works just fine and has for a long time.

To those who support Obama, I hope that your candidate earns your vote through his actions as President and I hope that my fears about his presidency do not manifest. And if they do, well, that is the nice thing about our country - elections are frequent enough it is hard for any one President to do irreparable harm in a single term.

That pretty much sums up my feelings. And it's a lot more classy than 99% of what I saw online after the last two presidential elections.

Oh, except for this: non-American friends beaming and patting the American voters on the head saying "oh good job you finally did something right"? Extremely condescending and unappreciated.