August 17th, 2008

etc // i heart my carbon footprint

My to-do list for today

- Finish reading Astonishing Persistence of Memory: Past Time (yall need to read it, too)
- Do laundry
- Find bedroom floor
- Go get a FasTrak from Safeway (I'll need it when school starts and I'm crossing the Benicia bridge a lot)
- Put my Kohl's 30% coupon to good use... I want to get another pair of slacks and maybe a new shirt or two
- I think I might drive down to Gottschalks because they carry SAS shoes, which are totally the most comfortable, and apparently I'm going to be doing a lot of walking on this new job of mine (ETA: ooh and they're having a tax-free sale)


- Water plants
- Put chlorine in the pool
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