July 13th, 2008

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I just watched the preair pilot for Fringe, JJ Abrams new show. And know what? It was really good! I mean, you definitely can tell that it's Abrams', and there were a couple moments where I was like 'omigod X-Files", but overall, I liked it. I even made an icon because I know when this show actually airs (in September, GACK) I'll be posting more about it.

Also, can I announce right now that I am a Olivia/Peter shipper?
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club100 day thirteen

The bare minimum - 103 - tonight because I was busy watching Fringe. And, um, an episode from S1 of Charmed. I'm in the process of downloading all the episodes Brian Krause is in, because I find him pervable. I hope that doesn't have anything to do with how completely and utterly his poor character is emasculated.

Isn't "emasculated" a weird word? Doesn't it seem like it should be "demasculated"?
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Does anyone else find this picture of an Obama poster (taken by Zombie) a little creepy?

It reminds me of those Che Gueara t-shirts you find being worn by people who are dumb enough to think it's sophisticated.

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