May 2nd, 2008

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midwest storms

Has anyone talked to Kelly?

I know most of the stuff they've been talking about has been in Kansas City rather than St Louis, but still...
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So, I stayed home from work today. I felt weird doing it because I was already gone one day - along with the rest of the grade level - at a writing conference in Sacramento. But all week I've had this persistent allergy thing that metamorphosed (is that a word?) into a cold. This happens to me more often then you might think. Collapse ) But anyway.

So I'm coughing and coughing and got about four hours of uninterrupted sleep last night because I kept waking up with this damn tickle making me cough. Mommy's making me some chicken soup *loves*

The weather is quite nice today... mid-70s and cloudy. And yes, I consider that to be nice because the last few days it's been bright and sunny but windy. Wind sucks. Of course, by next Tuesday or Wednesday it could be in the upper 80s. Let's see how I feel about wind then.

I've seen a couple people on my f-list say they enjoyed Iron Man. My dad wants to go see it, I think because something about it appeals to testosterone, but I want to read a conservative-biased review first. I could get over my dislike of RD Jr's total screwupedness, and even shudder through Paltrow's scenes, but I refuse to sit through another typical Hollywood excuse for bashing the military.
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